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  A well-adjusted, socialized & healthy McDougall's Doodle puppy with:

  • Age-appropriate vaccinations 

  • Detailed shot record with dates

  • Information to register your puppy's microchip. 

       (We can microchip your puppies for an additional $50.)

  • Blanket that smells like your puppy's mom to help with the transition.

  • Puppy folder with all the information about your puppy to take to your veterinarian.

  • Detailed Puppy Instruction Sheet.

  • Lifetime re-home if needed.

  • Referrals to trusted, local vets and dog trainers

REGULAR PRICE $2,300 - $3,000


RESERVATION FEE $500 - Non-Refundable

After your Puppy Application is accepted, we ask for a $500 deposit in the form of a Personal Check, Money Order or PayPal payment. The $500 deposit is deducted from the purchase price. If you prefer to pay through PayPal, we will send you an invoice from PayPal. A 3% convenience fee is included on all PayPal payments.

Final Payment will vary depending on the chosen puppy and be due when the puppy is 4 weeks.

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