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These pups have gone under extensive training and are able to 

- Sit

- Stay

- Lay down

- Wait for their food

- Walk on a leash 

- Enter their crate to eat

- Enter their crate to sleep 



McDougall's Doodles under go Early Neurological Stimulation starting on day 3-16. Your puppy is cared for as a Super Dog!

Super Dog Stimulation consists of 5 exercises. These steps include:

  1. Tactical stimulation. (rubbing toes and feet)

  2. Holding them with their head down for 5 seconds. (blood flow and circulation)

  3. Holding them with their head up for 5 seconds.

  4. Holding them on their back for 5 seconds.

  5. Placing a cold cloth on their bellies for 5 seconds. 

       This Super Dog Stimulation gives your Doodle the following benefits:

  1. Improved cardiovascular circulation and heart rate.

  2. Stronger heart beats.

  3. Stronger adrenal gland.

  4. More tolerance to stress.

  5. Greater resistance to disease. 

The Handling Exercises are early socialization training that is beneficial for the future behavior of the dog and potentially a future Therapy Dog. Daily Exercises your dog receives includes:

  1. Have the puppy smell handler's mouth and nose.

  2. hold puppy close to handler's heart.

  3. Hold puppy to handers face.

  4. Wait for the puppy to settle down.

  5. Rub ears.

  6. Cover eyes

  7. Open mouth

  8. Rub gums.

  9. Rub belly in a circular motion.

  10. Rub tail.

  11. Pet back

  12. Pet hair in opposite direction

  13. Touch nose. 

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