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The adoption Process

McDougall's Doodles


Fill out the Puppy Application

The first step is to have you fill out an application. This application asks questions that help us pair you with the right puppy!


Reservation Fee

Once your application is reviewed and accepted, you will be notified. You will then be able to reserve your puppy with a downpayment via card/PayPal or check. Once the payment is processed, you will be placed on the reservation list. 


In-PersonVisit orVirtual Visit

To help with the matching process, potential buyers are allowed to schedule a visit. The puppies must have their first round of vaccinations before this can take place. 

For the safety of the pups, we ask that visitors do not visit any other kennels, pet stores, breeders, or places where there could be unvaccinated dogs during the same day as visitation. Visitors will be asked to use hand sanitizer before handling the puppies. We will also ask that all children sit when holding and playing with the puppies


Taking Your Puppy Home

At eight weeks, you will be invited to take your puppy home. We will assign a time for your pick up so that we can spend some uninterrupted time with you going over things we think you should know and answering any questions you may have. 

Helpful Notes:

When you pick up your puppy, we recommend bringing someone with you who can hold the puppy on their lap for the drive home. Your puppy will be unfamiliar in his new surroundings, and without his siblings. Holding the puppy on your lap on an old bath towel will keep your puppy feeling safe and happy and start him off in the best possible way to his new life.



On the way home, please remember that your puppy is vulnerable because he has not yet completed his vaccines. Avoid stopping at "high traffic" dog areas, like rest stops, on your journey home. Instead try stopping at restaurants, where people with dogs in the car are less likely to stop. By avoiding areas where other dogs have been walked, you greatly reduce the chances of your puppy picking up any germs left behind. If you have to stop at a rest area, please carry your puppy to a more secluded spot, and you might even want to put your puppy on a puppy pad rather than on the grass - or for the most secure solution, simply put them in a crate lined with a puppy pad. In general, your puppy should be able to make at least a two hour trip without stopping.


Pick-up Alternatives are available.

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