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McDougall's Doodles

Puppies will be held with a $500 per puppy reservation fee (non-refundable), which will be

applied toward your purchase of $2,300-$3,000. Puppy selections will be made in the order the reservation fees are received. You will be notified if there is a puppy that matches your wish list. If not,

you will be the first in line for the next litter.

Please complete the application below. You will be notified once we have had a chance to review and approve your application. Then, you will be given instructions on how to submit your non-refundable reservation fee

Puppy Application
What gender would you prefer?
Which color would you prefer?
Do you have any other pets?
Does anyone in your family have allergies, and if so, how would you rate them?
Do you have Children?
Do you rent your own house/home?
Do you have a fenced yard?
Will someone be with the dog during the daytime?

Doodle puppies and dogs struggle if their lifestyle is centered around being kept on their own in a yard, garage or crate. Although naturally amiable to all scenarios, doodles do best when they are integrated into the family life. They are naturally social, and thrive around members of their (human) family. Does this type of animal work for your life-style?

Are you aware of the cost it takes to take care of a pet? (grooming, vet checks, food, etc.)
Do you currently have a Veternary Clinic you go to?

I understand that each litter has its own unique set of genders and colors. I also understand that, although physical traits will be taken into consideration, the puppies will be matched based on personality and lifestyle compatibility. If I am not satisfied with the puppy chosen by McDougall's Doodles, I may choose to defer to a different litter. Finally, I understand that McDougall's Doodles reserves the right to hold back potential breeding dogs from any given litter, that exhibits the traits needed to enhance their doodle program. 

I understand that all McDougall's Doodles puppies are sent home on a Spay/Neuter contract. McDougall's Doodles requires that this procedure be performed by their 12 month birthday, Via traditional S/N surgery or OSS/Vasectomy (hormone sparing) surgery. This is non-negotiable.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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